Careers for Military Veterans

With the outstanding skills that the military veterans gained when in service, there are numerous careers that can suit them. These careers span every discipline and can be found in public and private sectors all over the world. If you just left military or you left a while back, there are diverse and promising career options that you can pursue. Below are some of the best careers that a veteran can pursue.


This is a field that suits majority of veterans can fit and enjoy working in. I had a friend who retired from the military and had a hard time deciding on the career to join. After much research, he realized that surgical tech’s salary is high and so he eventually decided to be a surgical tech, a career that he enjoys in each passing day. Another career in the medical field that suits military veterans is phlebotomist. This job involves taking blood samples from individuals and testing it. Phlebotomists make good money and it is also an enjoyable career for everyone.

Project management

This entails planning, motivating, and organizing as well as controlling resources to be able to achieve specific goals. With the chain of command that military are exposed to when in the field, they are usually managing projects that are mission related. Such skills make military veterans a natural fit into the project management jobs in the civilian world. Some of the project management that are required includes technical skills such as managing activities across a number of groups that requires great deal of coordination, conflict mediation skills, performance, and strategic management skills. All these skills are learnt by the veterans when in the field and so they are fit for this career.


Procurement and logistics                                 

This involves delivery, movement, receipts, as well as storage of materials purchased by an organization for various uses. A veteran could have gained these skills when in the field as he handles military equipment as well as supplies with some training to transition to the civilian world, veterans can be ale to work in procurement and logistics of any organization perfectly.



There is a chance that veterans may have gained both mechanical and electrical engineering skills while in the field. The electrical engineering skills include electronic trouble shooting, maintenance as well as working as electronic technicians. Some of the areas that these skills can be translated to in the civilian world include mechanical operator manager, roadway electrician, pier electrician, and more.



Military veterans have gained experience in this career by working as air traffic controller, radio communication operator, battalion or squadron level and higher operation officers and NCO’s. With just a few training sessions, these people can secure jobs in the civilian world as truck supervisors, train dispatchers, yard masters, train masters, and freight conductors.

The areas of safety and security also offer awesome careers for veterans. They can do well as police officers, directors of security and safety in an organization and more telecommunication as well as IT industries have careers that military veterans can translate to very easily. With all the above careers, I don’t see how you can stay at home claiming that there are no jobs. Just make good use of the above career opportunities and take your passion to greater heights.

The Best Civilian Jobs In The Military That You Have Never Been Told Of

In the military, civilian jobs are allocated depending on the individual’s skills as well as the need or the demand within certain areas in the military. This basis of selection can be very rewarding since at times people are unsure of their capabilities and strengths.  This article seeks to inform you on the most sought after civilian jobs in the military. 


Photographic specialist

In the military photographers are highly required for intelligence operations as well as for commercial and conventional   purposes. They at times go trailing and they may require someone to take pictures during their operations. With a good trail camera you can get this done. Military people rarely spend time in their residential area. They camp a lot so if you work there as a civilian photographer, you will need a good backpacking tent to sleep in just in case they go camping.

Audiovisual and broadcast director

A career in film direction should not be restricted to Hollywood only. Numerous video and movies are made for military purposes. Introductory DVD’s, videos, training demos, movies, as well as films for entertainment purposes. Even though a background film is not preferential, it is not necessary for full training can be undertaken like other civilian jobs in the military.


Dieticians are also an integral part of civilian jobs in the military, as attention is paid to maintaining an optimal state of health in all the recruits. As a dietician in the military, you have to ensure that the correct food is served in all the military hospitals.

Occupational therapist

This job is very needed in the military since it involves one on one interaction with clients or patients. In the military, this professional is required for rehabilitative purposes.

Laboratory technicians

Civilian jobs in the military stretch to science laboratory as well. With dental and optical technicians being in the forefront, lab technician’s experience is highly needed to deal with various health issues.


Rescuing, recovery of sunken equipments, repair on underground fiber optics or cables and more are jobs that are done by divers via civilian jobs in the military.

Graphic designers

Military too has their team of talented graphic designers who do much for their country. Web pages, logos, letterheads, web pages, and more are all designed and updated by the military personnel design team.


There are separate law systems run by the military for the military which opens up challenging civilian jobs in the military. However, all you need is to believe in your skills as a lawyer and you can secure this job.

Social workers

Maintaining high morale and attending to social dilemmas and issues is of great importance.  Civilian jobs in the military are meant to ensure that any issue that might arise amongst military members is dealt with through counseling and personal attention.


Musical entertainment is crucial in maintaining high morale just as social worker does. By giving recruits an opportunity let their stress down with live entertainment, this also offers civilian jobs in the military for the talented individuals. These soldiers perform special ceremonies and celebrations and musicians are highly needed.

If you have always desired to work in the military and enjoy the benefits that come with that, you do not have to worry if you have no chance of being a military. You can apply for any of the above civilian jobs and live your dream.

Being a Military Child is Not Easy But it is Fun

Some people think that growing up as a military child is easy, fun, and fulfilling. Well, while this may be the case, it is not always a walk on the park, but I cannot deny that I really enjoyed being one. However, I spent a lifetime answering the question, “where are you from?” with a very long pause…trying to figure out which answer is the most suitable for that particular person. Do I say “everywhere?” do I give the longer version, “well, I am an air force child and I grew up overseas and moved to the states when I was a teenager?” or do I go to the accurate long version and explain the different states, countries, and different cultures that ended up confusing me at some point?


Being a military child is not a choice, it is a lifestyle that you are born into depending on the choices that your parents make and one has to cope with it. Regardless of all these confusion, benefits of being a military child include:


Experience and adoption of diversity

On average, military children move more than their civilian counterparts. For this reason, they encounter numerous cultures and experiences that help them appreciate the diversity in the world.


Proficiency in language learning     

Kids are language sponges when young. When they grow up overseas, they can easily p8ick up a second language fluently. The problem comes when you move to another state. However, even if the military child forgets the second language, having learnt it helps their brain become more receptive to picking a new language when they grow up. I grew up speaking English and German and I can speak both even for today.


Adaptability to new environments

As stated above, military children move more than civilian children. This means that apart from engaging gin diverse ideas and cultures, these kids constantly make new friends and accumulate to new places. It can be hard and stressful at first, but overtime, these kids pick up a very crucial skill, adaptability, which in turn helps them through ion school, work place, and life in general.


Even if the life was not similar to other kids, I cannot regret having grown up in the military for there was so much to enjoy.

Benefits you can enjoy as a military personnel

millitarypplMilitary is viewed by many as one of the most challenging jobs with less pay. Well, even though military personnel’s do not earn fabulous salaries, when you take into consideration all the benefits they get you realize this is a good job. Apart from their pay, military people are rewarded with considerably tangible and intangible benefits. The following are just a few of their benefits:


Military pay

If you are an enlisted member, your pay will keep on increasing depending on how long you stay in the military and also as you advance in the rank. However, even the junior class individuals are not paid that bad. There are 9 levels of enlisted pay. Most individuals join the service at E-1, which stands for enlisted pay grade one, but the good thing is that you can advance to E-4 in about 3 years of service.


Enlisted bonuses

The first reward that military receive for enlisting is known as enlistment bonus. These bonuses vary from service and keeps on changing to meet the needs of the service. It is therefore good to ask your recruiter concerning the availability of enlistment bonuses.


Special pay

Depending on your service to the military, you may receive a special pay on top of your basic pay. Sometimes, this pay is tax free as with hazardous duty pay, and at times it is taxed. Some of the examples of special pay are; career enlisted flyer incentive pay, hazardous duty pay, submarine duty pay, and lastly medical officers’ duty pay.


Every day rewards

In every day that you serve in the military, military rewards you by providing meals, houses, vacation, and many more. The following are some of the everyday reward that you get for serving in the military:


a. 30 days paid vacation

Unlike with other jobs in the US, armed forces are offered 30 days fully paid vacation each year from the start of your enlistment. In fact, you can even take a leave after graduating from basic training.  When on a vacation, it can be great time for you to take care of yourself. If you have always desired cool hair styles for men, be it long or short, you can find more information here.

b. Vacation for reserves and guards

In case you are called to temporal active duty as a reserve guard or a service member, you receive 2.5 days of paid vacation for 30 days of active duty service.


c. Military pension

If military is your career, you are eligible to retirement pay including on-based shopping privileges and continued health benefits similar to those you enjoyed when on duty. For example, a 20 years career in the service will result in the retirement in your early 30’s. Considering that a typical enlisted retiree will receive  half a million dollars in retirement pay only, retirement pension can be a great deal and you pay nothing into it since it is all as a reward for the years you served the country.


d. Health care

You and your entire family benefits from medical insurance for as long as you are still in the military service. If you decide to remain in the military even after retirement, your medical benefits will be extended throughout your lifetime as well as that of your spouse.


e. Meals

As a continuation of military tradition of offering room and board, meals are considered as part of the pay. While on active duty, you will receive free dining services or you can also be given an allowance to cover meal costs when dining facilities are not available.


f. Housing

Living in a base is considered part of your compensation package. If you are married or if base house is not available, or if you would like to live outside the base, you will be provided with a tax free housing allowance. Military also pays for all travels and expenses.


Evidently, military life is better than you can imagine. Even though it is not very much pleasing due to the challenges involved. It can open you up to a brighter future.

What You Need To Know Before Attending A Military Party

military ballThe military is not all about guns and wars. No, there are fun moments too! Every year, the different branches of the military service organize for formal military party where spouses are allowed to attend. It’s usually a very exciting time for most people in the military because they all get together as military families and enjoy themselves. However, most spouses are usually at crossroads on what to wear to represent their service member in an honorable manner. Military branches may have different ways of carrying out this event, but here what you need to know before attending a military party.

How to dress appropriately

In a military party, members in the service dress in blue or class A uniforms while their guests put on formal wear. Male guests wear dark suits while female guests wear knee length to floor length dresses. They have the choice of also putting on cocktail dresses as long as there are minimal details. Dresses with bold colors and patterns shouldn’t be worn. Women should also have their hair simply done, no fancy hairdos allowed.

Cocktail hour

The night usually begins at about 6 with an hour dedicated to cocktail.  Service members and guests are allowed to freely interact and know each other. There are several drinks and snacks to enjoy. There maybe some photographers who take pictures so watch out what you do.

Receiving line

Leave all your food, drink, umbrellas and any extra garments before you go to the receiving line, at the check area. However, ladies are allowed to go with their purses. If you are walking as a couple, the ladies will walk ahead of the men in a single line even if the lady is a service member. As you walk, the first person you meet is the announcer and you do not shake their hands. You just introduce yourself by your last name and proceed through the line. Short greetings are appropriate here.

Dinner time

Dinner is usually sounded by a horn and you are supposed to take your assigned seat. This is the best time to get to know those people you are dinning with and also introduce yourself to them. Sometimes the program of the evening may be laid on the dinner table. There will be several courses of food that will be served, so it is important that you polish up your table etiquette. Service members will also be honored during dinner time, so always consult your spouse on the proper protocol.

After dinner

After all the presentations, the dance floor and bar open. There are so many types of beersand you can choose your favorite beer.  For those who do not take beer, there are usually lots of non-alcoholic beer brands to choose from. It begins with formal moves but depending on what band is running the show, there may be some contemporary music played. You can lose up on the dance floor, but please do not dare those club moves.

Next time you attend a military party, you will be more informed and while at it, have some great time.


The Challenges And Benefits Of Being A Military Spouse

military familyJoining the military is an honor to ones country. It gives one the satisfaction of doing a service to their fellow countrymen, but it is so difficult. As a military spouse, I can say it is both challenging and fun. Most people often wonder how it is for one to have a spouse in the military and how they cope with the so many deployments that are in the army. Honestly, the deployments are so challenging especially with the children, but we somehow find a way to cope with them. Everybody keeps telling me how I am so brave but deep down I am usually scared. However, the daily challenges of being a spouse to a person in the army are what add up over time and if they are not well addressed they can pose some big challenges to a relationship.
I have called so many places home that at times I often forget some stations we have lived in. But it is not all bad being a military spouse. There are so many benefits that outweigh the challenges that come with being a military spouse. You get to travel to so many places and see lots of new things you would not have been able to. You also make so many friends you meet along and over time they become like your extended family. When stationed in far away stations, these friends are your family. They support you through any difficult situations, celebrate important events with you and even go for holidays together. You create memories together which last a lifetime.
I remember there is a time my spouse was deployed abroad and we had to move together. This took me a lot of soul searching because I would have to leave my country and go to a far way land but I learned some very important skills while there that I am happy I agreed to move with my spouse.
It was a small town in which most of its inhabitants were truck drivers. Driving such big Lorries had always been one of my childish dreams so I decided to try my luck. I joined one of the many a trucking schools that had a cdl sponsored training program in the town and with no time I had learned how to drive trucks .What I needed next was to search for a job as a truck driver. There were so many great companies for new truck drivers although the salary for a truck driver was quite minimal. Nevertheless, I decided to try my luck by taking samples of my truck driver resumes in several of them. One of my friends assured me I would get a job soon, and true to her words, I had a job in a weeks’ time.
These are some of the things that I would not have achieved if I was not married to a person in the military. Yes, the farewells are always sad, but there are some very good memories I have had being a spouse to a military person. We have had so much fun and now that my spouse is quitting the army, I am happy that we are going to settle down in one place as a family. My experiences as a military spouse have made who I am today.

Best value holiday destinations for people in the army

holiday destinationBeing in the army is not a walk in the park. Sometimes, one has to survive in the bushes for months without the basic things we find so necessary. It is especially difficult for the women who have families and are in the army. But it is not such a boring career. It is one of the best and adventurous jobs there is, but it is full of challenges. It is also rewarding because people in the army are responsible for taking care of the whole nation which gives one satisfaction of protecting lives.

Sometimes, taking a break is good for a person in the army. This will enable them to have quality time with their families to and take a holiday they so deserve with them. Here are some travel destinations that people in the army can jet to anytime without breaking a bank.


This may be the smallest country in Africa but it has some mind blowing sights that will make you want to hang around longer. And what more, you will find big savings there. You will be able to see baboons and chimpanzees in the River National Park where you will just pay very little. Africa can get so hot so do not forget to carry some foundation that is suitable for your skin.You can find very affordable accommodation at the beach hotels.


There are so many cheap flights to Bulgaria Black Sea and it’s one of the most popular holiday destinations for people in the army that offers very good bargains. The sunny beach lives up to its promise, with an affordable seaside resort for relaxation without worrying about huge bills. And on the evenings, you can put on your best make up especially if you have oily skin and head out to the many night clubs. The drinks are very cheap, so you can drink till you drop! Who doesn’t love cheap beer?


This is the home of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Budapest, which attracts millions of tourists all year round. With its busy nightlife, medieval castles and green leafy parks, it’s very easy to see why it’s so popular among people in the army. The fact that you can live on less than $50 in a day is another reason you should be heading to this city the next time you get some time off work.


This is a very popular destination with backpackers and travelers who are on budget. India is a very colorful country and its possible to explore this beautiful city like a Raj. You can try kite surfing, swimming with turtles and look for bargains of souvenirs in the nearest flea markets. You can have a sunset cocktail in India’s’ beautiful beaches all for less than $10 dollars a day.


Love the Mediterranean but wish to save some coins? Then turkey is the place to travel to for your next holiday. Travel southwest to Pamhylia, the main tourist destination. The place is full of cheap but nice traditional kebabs and lots of Roman ruins to explore without paying a dime. The rooms are reasonable priced and it’s actually a place you can live on a shoe string budget.

With so many budget holiday destinations, you would have no reason for failing to go for a holiday with your family the next time you get time from your busy army job.



Liquor In Army – Fun Facts You Don’t Know

rumLiquor has reached all-time high in the US military. This is because alcohol has been part of military life even before the formation of the units that currently makes up the US army. Ever since I joined military, over 20 years ago, I have realized that the army has been unable to lower poor drinking behaviors within the military. Researches shows that those between 18 to 25 years of age tend to drink liquor more than their civilian counterparts. 

When I first checked into my first time into the military, I was with three other soldiers. By nightfall, we had managed to move all our belongings into the barracks and I noticed confusion forming on the balconies. Everyone was coming with his liquor, even though it is prohibited in the barracks. However, I noticed that drinking in the military is an accepted part of their culture.

Liquor in the army was introduced long time ago- Rum was the main currency in ancient colonial Australia. New South Wales army bought up the entire rum that was transported where they established a 17 year monopoly on the trade of Rum. When Governor Bligh attempted to put an end to it, he was overthrown in the only armed takeover of the government during Australian history. The rebellion was known as Rum Rebellion.

Liquor was not served to troops on ships-During prohibition, liquor was not served to the army on ships, but since they thought it was good for their morale, they ensured there was liquor every now and then, just off the ship. They were prohibited from drinking on the ship, but they could come in drunk. How funny!

Morale booster for the army-the reason as to why alcohol is allowed in the army is because they consider it good for morale and energy. It has been used throughout the war history.

Front soldiers are given liquor- during World War II; every soldier at the war front was offered a daily ration of vodka. They would take a shot in most cases.

Soldiers are offered liquor every 2 weeks-World War II soldiers drunk more than their predecessors of World War I. This is because army officers were given up to one bottle of hard liquor in every two weeks.

Liquor causes violence in the army-75% of violent offences in the army are alcohol related. Resources and time are also wasted on treating those injured through the misuse of alcohol.

Age is just but a number-when you may think that under-age drinking is prohibited in the army, you are wrong. In fact, very little is done with those in lower leadership turning their heads off whenever they see it. I used to hear other soldiers say that “if you are old enough to serve your country, then you are old enough to enjoy a beer or two”

There is a golden rule-I never knew there was a golden rule in the barracks when drinking. The golden rule was that, “if you are to partake, do so when the doors are closed and keep your mouth shut” this is because liquor is not allowed in the barracks and things can go wrong if one is caught.

Divorce-according to conducted studies, there is a relationship between alcohol and divorce. The study confirms that a third marital issues and divorce among the military arises as a result of alcohol abuse.

Alcoholism problem is high in the army-Whenever I don’t feel like taking energy drinks, I and my army friends make use of online resource for liquors to find the best, especially when we are on to have fun during weekends, or when we wanted to numb the pain. Rum is still my favorite drink and I learned a lot about rum from

Even though army considers alcohol to be good for them, we cannot ignore the fact that liquor can to some extent affect overall performance of the army as it might reduce their efficiency. I developed a short-lived drinking problem upon my return home. No soldier loves to be seen as weak and so I suffered from this problem in silence. I would hide rum in a water bottle I picked up from and drink it as I was drinking water. Thank god I was able to get help my bottle no longer carries rum. This alcohol problem is why army is concentrating more on giving energy drinks to soldiers rather than liquor where necessary.



The Best Part-Time Jobs for Off-Duty Military

militaryWith the efforts to help America’s population of off-duty military, majority of institutions as well as the government have opened up rewarding career paths in numerous fields such as security, information technology, transportation, manufacturing, and more to help off-duty military get part-time jobs.

Both US government programs and private industry are heeding a call to assist those job seekers who made the ultimate commitment to the safety of the country. For example, First lady Michelle Obama and Dr Jill Biden, wife to the deputy president are now joining forces on off-duty forces jobs initiative, which has in turn brought together 2000 domestic companies who pledged to hire 100,000 off-duty military and spouses.

Military men and women are now being contracted to perform duties in corporate settings as well as in the military settings. They provide for everything, from a pilot to a cook, and from armed escorts to accountants. Example of jobs that off-duty military men and women can do on part-time basis may include:

  • · Transportation
  • · Security
  • · Logistic support
  • · Executive protection
  • · Training
  • · Product development
  • · Intelligence

1. Information technology

Off-duty members have great knowledge on advanced technology and can offer a real word experience of the technology that is applicable in corporate environment. One of the companies joining forces initiative is Intel which develops its off-duty military employment training program to help in military’s transition of their skills into the company’s software mission.

2. Logistics jobs

There are numerous opportunities in transport and logistics coordination and can be a great transition to off-duty military. There are host jobs well suited for those with experience in areas such as inventory management, warehouse task, and logistic support from associate level to inventory management.

3. Security

Large corporations has corporate security department. This department is usually headed by a retired member of the military units such as delta force, SEALS, and SF which usually dominate. Occasionally you can run into a retired CIA or an FBI officer. This department deals with routine tasks such as hiring guards, meeting OSHA mandates, and securing sites. Some individuals can be contracted with a mission to protect personnel and properties in odd places during trying times. In such a department, an off-duty military can secure a part-time job.

4. War zones

In countries that are faced with fights, an off-duty military can be hired to go and guard some properties of people at a given time of the day. For example, a mining company can hire these people to watch over their mines, railroad transporting goods to the port, or company housing crucial goods.

5. Intelligence

Off-duty military personnel can effectively write a battle plan together with senior officers to include attack scenarios in bad case evacuations. With the help of junior officers, he can determine the number of patrol officers needed to be sent out on patrol, the rules of engagement, and the type of local intelligence needed.

6. Training

You can get a job as a military manager where you will be needed to develop and implement training on host nation military up to an effective level. This can take a form of classes in communication; this means that you will train them on how to call close air support, small unit combat tactics, and more.

7. Service jobs

Since you have been serving the country, it will not be a bad thing if you continue serving, but in another industry. You can write a server resume for example and apply for a waiter job. This is a great job that can work well as a part-time job. Alternatively, you can deliver pizzas; get a retail sales job, customer service job in a company and more. If you are looking for more example resumes for waitress or waiter, head over to BestResumeGuru for more examples.

Being out of the military does not mean that you cannot make yourself useful by doing something to continue supporting your family. There are thousands of opportunities that you can make good use of. Just perform a search by industry, company name or location and you will find a job that fits your interests and skills set.

Job Outlook for War Veteran-Learn More

veteranAccording to federal data, job outlook for veterans has now brightened. Unemployment rate for veterans fell from 8.3% in 2011 to 7% in 2012. Analysts praise the current economy and campaign from both private and public sectors to hire the retiring experts/veterans.

Currently, the jobless rate for veterans is almost 1% point which is below overall US average. However, female veterans and those who are under the age of 35 are still faced by high underemployment rate than their civilian counterparts. Generally, unemployment among veterans is showing long-term improvement as multiple initiatives are seeking to connect former service members with numerous job opportunities.

Overall employment rate for veterans in 2013 was 6.4% in the US whereby it reduced from 6.9% in 2012. According to US bureau of labor statistics, those veterans who served since September of the year 2001 unemployment rate was 7.7% in July, having gone down from 8.9% in July 2012. By comparison, BSL reported a jobless rate of 7.3% for non-veterans in 2013 July, having gone down from 8.8% for the same month.

Even though July 2013 jobless rate for all veterans presented a small increase of 6.3%, an analysis from US Department of Veterans Affairs indicates that in the long run there will be some decrease.

While unemployment numbers seems to be encouraging, VA noted in august, majority of veterans could still not find a job and they ended up working as a construction worker or waitress. But the government promised to try its level best to remedy that.

With the war that was in Afghanistan and Iraq, thousands of active duty military personnel are now expected to start transition as civilian life. Numerous efforts are under way to ensure that those soon to be veterans get a job to make their lives worthwhile. They will get a job and be able to pursue a college education if they wish to. For example, VA collaborating with the US chamber of commerce and the white house hosts job fairs around the country, with a program known as “hire our heroes” to ensure they all get jobs.

In addition to that, returning heroes tax credit as well as the wounded worriers’ tax credit that were signed into law by President Barrack Obama in the year 2011 provides tax incentives for those businesses that hire those veterans that are unemployed. Under this program of the returning heroes, a business can qualify for up to $5,600 per every veteran they hire. Those that hire veterans with service related disabilities are eligible for a credit of up to $9,600 per veteran through wounded warriors programs. These tax credits can really help small business to hire veterans. For example, a local kitchen retail store can hire veterans who love to cook and know kitchen tools well as store representative to help customers pick the right kitchen equipments for them.

According to white house, president Obama also established Veterans employment initiative with the aim of increasing the number of those veterans employed by federal agencies. This initiative is meant to adding 200,000 numbers of veterans and 25,000 reservists to government workforce, with Veterans making up to 27% of federal employees as per 2011.

obamaJoining forces on this, Michelle Obama, wife to president Obama and Jill Biden, wife to the vice president seeks to raise awareness on employment needs of the military families as well as broadening access to education. This program trains veterans for jobs as well as military spouses.

In April 2013, Michelle Obama announced that 300,000 veterans as well as their spouses had been trained and hired by private-sector businesses, ever since joining forces was launched in 2011. In August Hilton Worldwide announced their plans to hire 10,000 veterans and their family members over five years to come.

“This issue is an all-hands-on-the-deck, and there is no way we can rest when there are some military members and their family member who are still jobless” Michelle Obama and Jill Biden wrote in an op-ed fortune magazine.

If you are a veteran and still jobless, you don’t have to worry for the future is now bright. Just make sure you make good use of job description resource before choosing one. This way you will be able to enjoy the type of job that you secure.