Liquor In Army – Fun Facts You Don’t Know

rumLiquor has reached all-time high in the US military. This is because alcohol has been part of military life even before the formation of the units that currently makes up the US army. Ever since I joined military, over 20 years ago, I have realized that the army has been unable to lower poor drinking behaviors within the military. Researches shows that those between 18 to 25 years of age tend to drink liquor more than their civilian counterparts. 

When I first checked into my first time into the military, I was with three other soldiers. By nightfall, we had managed to move all our belongings into the barracks and I noticed confusion forming on the balconies. Everyone was coming with his liquor, even though it is prohibited in the barracks. However, I noticed that drinking in the military is an accepted part of their culture.

Liquor in the army was introduced long time ago- Rum was the main currency in ancient colonial Australia. New South Wales army bought up the entire rum that was transported where they established a 17 year monopoly on the trade of Rum. When Governor Bligh attempted to put an end to it, he was overthrown in the only armed takeover of the government during Australian history. The rebellion was known as Rum Rebellion.

Liquor was not served to troops on ships-During prohibition, liquor was not served to the army on ships, but since they thought it was good for their morale, they ensured there was liquor every now and then, just off the ship. They were prohibited from drinking on the ship, but they could come in drunk. How funny!

Morale booster for the army-the reason as to why alcohol is allowed in the army is because they consider it good for morale and energy. It has been used throughout the war history.

Front soldiers are given liquor- during World War II; every soldier at the war front was offered a daily ration of vodka. They would take a shot in most cases.

Soldiers are offered liquor every 2 weeks-World War II soldiers drunk more than their predecessors of World War I. This is because army officers were given up to one bottle of hard liquor in every two weeks.

Liquor causes violence in the army-75% of violent offences in the army are alcohol related. Resources and time are also wasted on treating those injured through the misuse of alcohol.

Age is just but a number-when you may think that under-age drinking is prohibited in the army, you are wrong. In fact, very little is done with those in lower leadership turning their heads off whenever they see it. I used to hear other soldiers say that “if you are old enough to serve your country, then you are old enough to enjoy a beer or two”

There is a golden rule-I never knew there was a golden rule in the barracks when drinking. The golden rule was that, “if you are to partake, do so when the doors are closed and keep your mouth shut” this is because liquor is not allowed in the barracks and things can go wrong if one is caught.

Divorce-according to conducted studies, there is a relationship between alcohol and divorce. The study confirms that a third marital issues and divorce among the military arises as a result of alcohol abuse.

Alcoholism problem is high in the army-Whenever I don’t feel like taking energy drinks, I and my army friends make use of online resource for liquors to find the best, especially when we are on to have fun during weekends, or when we wanted to numb the pain. Rum is still my favorite drink and I learned a lot about rum from

Even though army considers alcohol to be good for them, we cannot ignore the fact that liquor can to some extent affect overall performance of the army as it might reduce their efficiency. I developed a short-lived drinking problem upon my return home. No soldier loves to be seen as weak and so I suffered from this problem in silence. I would hide rum in a water bottle I picked up from and drink it as I was drinking water. Thank god I was able to get help my bottle no longer carries rum. This alcohol problem is why army is concentrating more on giving energy drinks to soldiers rather than liquor where necessary.



The Best Part-Time Jobs for Off-Duty Military

militaryWith the efforts to help America’s population of off-duty military, majority of institutions as well as the government have opened up rewarding career paths in numerous fields such as security, information technology, transportation, manufacturing, and more to help off-duty military get part-time jobs.

Both US government programs and private industry are heeding a call to assist those job seekers who made the ultimate commitment to the safety of the country. For example, First lady Michelle Obama and Dr Jill Biden, wife to the deputy president are now joining forces on off-duty forces jobs initiative, which has in turn brought together 2000 domestic companies who pledged to hire 100,000 off-duty military and spouses.

Military men and women are now being contracted to perform duties in corporate settings as well as in the military settings. They provide for everything, from a pilot to a cook, and from armed escorts to accountants. Example of jobs that off-duty military men and women can do on part-time basis may include:

  • · Transportation
  • · Security
  • · Logistic support
  • · Executive protection
  • · Training
  • · Product development
  • · Intelligence

1. Information technology

Off-duty members have great knowledge on advanced technology and can offer a real word experience of the technology that is applicable in corporate environment. One of the companies joining forces initiative is Intel which develops its off-duty military employment training program to help in military’s transition of their skills into the company’s software mission.

2. Logistics jobs

There are numerous opportunities in transport and logistics coordination and can be a great transition to off-duty military. There are host jobs well suited for those with experience in areas such as inventory management, warehouse task, and logistic support from associate level to inventory management.

3. Security

Large corporations has corporate security department. This department is usually headed by a retired member of the military units such as delta force, SEALS, and SF which usually dominate. Occasionally you can run into a retired CIA or an FBI officer. This department deals with routine tasks such as hiring guards, meeting OSHA mandates, and securing sites. Some individuals can be contracted with a mission to protect personnel and properties in odd places during trying times. In such a department, an off-duty military can secure a part-time job.

4. War zones

In countries that are faced with fights, an off-duty military can be hired to go and guard some properties of people at a given time of the day. For example, a mining company can hire these people to watch over their mines, railroad transporting goods to the port, or company housing crucial goods.

5. Intelligence

Off-duty military personnel can effectively write a battle plan together with senior officers to include attack scenarios in bad case evacuations. With the help of junior officers, he can determine the number of patrol officers needed to be sent out on patrol, the rules of engagement, and the type of local intelligence needed.

6. Training

You can get a job as a military manager where you will be needed to develop and implement training on host nation military up to an effective level. This can take a form of classes in communication; this means that you will train them on how to call close air support, small unit combat tactics, and more.

7. Service jobs

Since you have been serving the country, it will not be a bad thing if you continue serving, but in another industry. You can write a server resume for example and apply for a waiter job. This is a great job that can work well as a part-time job. Alternatively, you can deliver pizzas; get a retail sales job, customer service job in a company and more. If you are looking for more example resumes for waitress or waiter, head over to BestResumeGuru for more examples.

Being out of the military does not mean that you cannot make yourself useful by doing something to continue supporting your family. There are thousands of opportunities that you can make good use of. Just perform a search by industry, company name or location and you will find a job that fits your interests and skills set.

Job Outlook for War Veteran-Learn More

veteranAccording to federal data, job outlook for veterans has now brightened. Unemployment rate for veterans fell from 8.3% in 2011 to 7% in 2012. Analysts praise the current economy and campaign from both private and public sectors to hire the retiring experts/veterans.

Currently, the jobless rate for veterans is almost 1% point which is below overall US average. However, female veterans and those who are under the age of 35 are still faced by high underemployment rate than their civilian counterparts. Generally, unemployment among veterans is showing long-term improvement as multiple initiatives are seeking to connect former service members with numerous job opportunities.

Overall employment rate for veterans in 2013 was 6.4% in the US whereby it reduced from 6.9% in 2012. According to US bureau of labor statistics, those veterans who served since September of the year 2001 unemployment rate was 7.7% in July, having gone down from 8.9% in July 2012. By comparison, BSL reported a jobless rate of 7.3% for non-veterans in 2013 July, having gone down from 8.8% for the same month.

Even though July 2013 jobless rate for all veterans presented a small increase of 6.3%, an analysis from US Department of Veterans Affairs indicates that in the long run there will be some decrease.

While unemployment numbers seems to be encouraging, VA noted in august, majority of veterans could still not find a job and they ended up working as a construction worker or waitress. But the government promised to try its level best to remedy that.

With the war that was in Afghanistan and Iraq, thousands of active duty military personnel are now expected to start transition as civilian life. Numerous efforts are under way to ensure that those soon to be veterans get a job to make their lives worthwhile. They will get a job and be able to pursue a college education if they wish to. For example, VA collaborating with the US chamber of commerce and the white house hosts job fairs around the country, with a program known as “hire our heroes” to ensure they all get jobs.

In addition to that, returning heroes tax credit as well as the wounded worriers’ tax credit that were signed into law by President Barrack Obama in the year 2011 provides tax incentives for those businesses that hire those veterans that are unemployed. Under this program of the returning heroes, a business can qualify for up to $5,600 per every veteran they hire. Those that hire veterans with service related disabilities are eligible for a credit of up to $9,600 per veteran through wounded warriors programs. These tax credits can really help small business to hire veterans. For example, a local kitchen retail store can hire veterans who love to cook and know kitchen tools well as store representative to help customers pick the right kitchen equipments for them.

According to white house, president Obama also established Veterans employment initiative with the aim of increasing the number of those veterans employed by federal agencies. This initiative is meant to adding 200,000 numbers of veterans and 25,000 reservists to government workforce, with Veterans making up to 27% of federal employees as per 2011.

obamaJoining forces on this, Michelle Obama, wife to president Obama and Jill Biden, wife to the vice president seeks to raise awareness on employment needs of the military families as well as broadening access to education. This program trains veterans for jobs as well as military spouses.

In April 2013, Michelle Obama announced that 300,000 veterans as well as their spouses had been trained and hired by private-sector businesses, ever since joining forces was launched in 2011. In August Hilton Worldwide announced their plans to hire 10,000 veterans and their family members over five years to come.

“This issue is an all-hands-on-the-deck, and there is no way we can rest when there are some military members and their family member who are still jobless” Michelle Obama and Jill Biden wrote in an op-ed fortune magazine.

If you are a veteran and still jobless, you don’t have to worry for the future is now bright. Just make sure you make good use of job description resource before choosing one. This way you will be able to enjoy the type of job that you secure.


military_haircutThe importance of hair can be traced way back before to the times of our fore fathers as hair played a significant role regarding how people presented themselves. Different societies held different views regarding various sizes of hair. The military short hair custom began after world war one. Men were exposed to flea and lice infestations which prompted a directive for soldiers, slaves and captured army to shave their hair. Today short neat and clean hair in the military is a requirement as it maintains uniform appearance hygiene and discipline among the soldiers.

Even before I was enrolled into the military, long hair was not an option for me. I did not like the care that was associated with it unlike my pals who saw no problem with that. After I joined the military, shaving was not a big deal since I was already used to it. It was an order for all people to shave their hair and not everyone liked the news but well, that was the order. Nothing much could be done but in no time we understood why they were very strict on hair. It was simply a liability in that line of work. Long hair requires a lot of attention and time and that for us is a luxury that we don’t have. I take pride in short hair as it makes me have a professional appearance. As I start my day, hair is no longer a piece of work and I have to worry about far more important tasks ahead of me.

Long hair is also an inconvenience during combat where every single minute counts and may make the difference between life and death. It may get caught by objects or be used by the enemy to gain advantage over the soldier. Short hair is also important to soldiers as it increases comfort as they wear helmets in their line of duty.

Personally as an army officer, I think short hair is of great benefits because it is easier to maintain when less hair is involved. In the military, intensive exercise is involved and long hair can inconvenience the soldier while training. The military sometimes have to be in extremely difficult environments without enough water for drinking let alone cleaning up. In such environments, I would not consider having long hair on me.

But even when it is short, you still need to take care of it and grooming regularly. Here are some tips:

• Wash hair often but it does not have to be daily- it should be at least 3 times a week but not more than 5 times as it will dry excessively. Use a shampoo and a conditioner. Although you probably don’t need specialized shampoo such aslclarifying for volumizing shampoo or conditioner (click here to read more), pick a good shampoo and conditioner combo is still important.

• Do not blow dry your hair as it will make short hair stand on end and frizz up.

• Try using gel or serum and remember to rinse it out as it is not good to keep it in the hair overnight.

Differences between a Bushcraft knife and a tactical knife

image of array of different knivesAs a war veteran, I have realized that most people assume that these knives are all similar. In some cases though, it is very possible since the line that describes these differences is very thin.However, i would like to highlight the clear differences between them.

Bushcraft knife

Bushcraft knives are tools used for cutting wood that you take with you in the wilderness. They do what most typical knives should do as slicing, chopping, food processing, whittling and game. It is not so much a hunting or a tactical knife but it is more of a wood tool in the similar manner of an axe or a hatchet.A bush craft knife has an approximate 4 inches of a complete tang blade, scandi grind for ease while sharpening and strength and no hand guard to make it easier in handling. Most Bushcraft knives were traditionally made of high carbon tool steel like 1095 and O-1. However, some modern ones are made of stainless steel like VG-10 and the Sandvik 12C27 and are as efficient as the traditional ones. A suitable knife for bush craft should be sturdy and well designed, and fit the requirements describe here. Ideally the knife should be full of tang construction that runs the full length of the knife. When used appropriately, the blade can be used to stab or take a life. The Enzo Trapper would be one of the best buys which I would recommend anytime. It’s constructed with high quality materials and the design is well streamlined in comparison with other Bushcraft knives. Bushcraft knives are quite costly, but you get value for your money. It is also important to try out a knife before you purchase it so that you may make up your mind on whether you really want to buy it.

Tactical knife

Tactical knives were traditionally used by soldiers mostly in the wilderness. Before guns were discovered, a soldier’s knife was his main tool. Nowadays, tactical knives are not used by soldiers as their main tool but they are given them for cutting through the bushes, for cooking and for accomplishing other daily chores. Moreover, tactical knives still come in handy for their self defense in the woods. They are easy to carry, durable and easy to use. These are excellent qualities of a knife that was first meant for use in hand to hand combat. The blade comprises of stainless steel which is generally longer and stronger than a pocket knife. The higher quality blades are made of 400 series stainless steel which naturally does not rust and may be hardened. Some of the tactical knives may feature fixed or folding blades. Those that can often fold have a lock that prevents the knife from falling out the fixed position when in use. Tactical knives also have whistles and bells which are meant to make them easier and faster while in use. For example, most tactical knives have a thumb stud for one handed blade opening. Some tactical knives have steel handle liners with some cutouts along the grip. These cutouts are intended to increase traction and the whole knife lighter. Other tactical knives have built in belt clips for ease while carrying around. Modern tactical knives are designed with different range of uses than just what they were intended for earlier. A great example of a tactical knife is the ASEK (Aircrew Survival Egress Knife). This knife is the best definition of a tactical knife in the market which i would recommend anytime. Tactical knives are usually designed with maximum versatility in mind. Think multi-mission when you think tactical!

How to train a police dog

policedogAs a war veteran, I am tough. And I like tough dogs. Police dog, if trained well, is probably one of the toughest dog you can find. Training a dog to do police work is highly rewarding, but at the same, it time takes a lot of time, patience and hard work. The question is, HOW do you train a police dog?

The first step is choosing the right breed, and the right puppy. Three of the most famous breeds that are usually used in the force are The German Shepherd Dog, The Belgian Malinois, and the Labrador. These dogs are known for their intelligence, speed, strength, drive, eagerness to please, bravery, loyalty and of course, an exceptional sense of smell. Once you’ve researched on which breed you prefer, it is time to pick the right puppy.

When picking a puppy, it is important to choose one that has the right drive to perform. High play drive is desired because reward-based training (Positive reinforcement) is the most effective way to train a police dog, and a favorite toy would be a perfect and very convenient way to reward your dog. The best way to choose a puppy is to raise a few selected ones and to observe them. If they respond well to basic obedience training and do not react when introduced to strangers and subjected to new experiences, sounds and situations, then they are the best candidate for the job. After a few months, one puppy will most probably stand out above the rest.

And now, it is time to start training them to be part of a K-9 team! You should first pick a specialty. A few are bomb-sniffing, tracking missing persons, and pursuing criminals. The next step is intense obedience training. Your dog should be able to follow your commands with 100% willingness. The most important thing you have to remember is that the trust and bond between the canine and his handler is essential. This can be achieved by regular and highly consistent training. Socialization at an early age is also important. The chosen puppy must be exposed to different places, different terrains, different scents, sounds and sights.

With training police dogs for sniffing out drugs or bombs, we recommend medium sized dogs. Here is a list of dogs that are smart and friendly. No need to go tough with large dog on sniffing drugs.  One of the most effective training method is to use their favorite toy as a relevant tool. The trick is to hide the drugs like marijuana, or a chemical found in bombs, inside the toy at first, so that the dog associates his toy with the smell of the drugs. After strengthening this association, the dog will soon realize that he will be rewarded with the toy when he finds the marijuana. Different drugs and other chemicals can then be introduced. These dogs can be taught to sit down once they smell the drugs or chemicals in somebody’s luggage.

For the more active duties, the dogs are required vigorous exercise and training such as Schutzhund, which teaches them to bite and release on command, and agility, which teaches them to jump and go through obstacles.

It takes a lot of commitment to train a police dog, and it is important to consult with a professional working dog trainer with the right license in order to get the proper results. Picking the right dog breed and using the right training methods are important, but don’t forget to feed them the right diet and give them reward when necessary. There are also certifications that need to be acquired in order for your dog to become an official police dog. Training doesn’t stop once the dog has learned all the things he needs to do, it must be a constant thing that the handler is prepared to accomplish.

Career Options for Military Veteran


Time is something that will never stop moving, and the fact is that there is a time for everything. In this regard, there is a time when are recruited into military forces and time is coming when you will leave this calling and go home either to rest or do other things. This explains why you will currently see many military veterans transforming from their military career to join civilian jobs that allows them to work in an office of their interest while earning good pay. However, it is sad to learn that most military veterans have little or no knowledge whatsoever of the best career options that they ought to venture into later in life!

Nevertheless, we should never blame them either because they might have lacked some sources of vital ideas and knowledge of good options to venture in. However, not all is in vain and it is never too late as this article unveils comprehensive career options for military veterans.

Whether you are planning a career shift from military or your retirement time is approaching, it is always vital to plan for an alternative career. In most cases, if you want to find a good well-paying job, you must prove beyond reasonable doubt to your new employer that you are going to serve them diligently and above their expectations. However, it is always hard to believe in words of mouth, and therefore, you must serve them with a good resume and cover letter. This resume/cover letter should clearly indicate your level of education, your experiences, skills, and above all, your level of professionalism. Most employers need these documents to be kept in their files for future references and editorial purposes. If your resume is worthy and appealing to your new employer, you will definitely set your foot on the doors of the company/institution/and so on of your choice. We recommend you head over to for resume samples.

Luckily, the experiences and skills gained while serving as a military officer can be a great asset whenever you are looking for a civilian career/jobs. Depending on a veteran’s preference and interests, they are some fields available for them to offer their skills for a price. These options include the following:

· Banking

This is perhaps a great career option for military veterans. In most cases, commercial banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies are always on move recruiting veterans with strong leadership skills, experiences, dedication, and above all, those with proven abilities to work under intense pressure. For instance, Navy Federal Credit Union has been known to be hiring former military veterans to work on its 117 branches. But before you apply, make sure your resume is well-written.

· Health care

If you had been working as medical officer during your term in military forces, you have an upper hand of being recruited in any health sector. In most cases, medical procedures, jargon, and other health care protocols remain the same, whether you are serving in private/government hospitals or in the military. Therefore, medical-military veterans can find employment in various and diverse health care settings such as rehabilitation centers, doctor’s offices, research laboratories, nursing homes, and so on. You can find writing guide and samples for positions such as dental assistance and medical assistance here.

· Manufacturing sector

This is the best option that a military veteran prefers to work as their alternative career. In this industry, people are required to establish a co-ordination between the workforce and machinery so that production process takes place as required while dealing with issues such as maintenance, training, and scheduling. Since the process of manufacturing is 24/7, you need to employ people who can work in shifts. Therefore, the groups of people who can effectively fit the above requirements are none other than military veterans.


The list of the best career options for military veterans is just endless. However, the above are the ideal and well-paying options that can suit any military veteran. Nevertheless, another option that is worthy to check into is being customer care representative where you can work from at the onset of your room. Thanks.

Thinking for Military Hair Cut

army_hairiThe expressions “buzz trim,” “high and tight,” “group trim” and “blur” portray short, military-style haircuts needed for male U.s. administration parts dependent upon reasons going back hundreds of years. U.s. military uniform codes don’t determine how administration parts’ hair is styled, however specialized tidying and hygiene regulations guarantee their haircuts stick to strict standards. For instance, U.s. Flying corps Dress and Personal Appearance Regulations state that male administration parts’ hair won’t “surpass 1-1/4 inches in mass, paying little mind to length and surpass 1/4-inch at the regular end focus.”


One commonsense purpose behind the military-style haircut is to anticipate the spread of lice around the troops, who frequently live nearby other people. Lice are little creepy crawlies that live on the scalp or form and could be spread through close contact. By guaranteeing hair is kept short and clean, the military can anticipate episodes that might be disruptive to both preparing activities and missions.  But of course, shampoo and conditioners are also important in keeping the hair clean. We recommend easy hair care tips for finding the best hair care products.


Hair must be kept short and prepared while serving in the military so headgear, including head protectors, correspondence supplies and defensive covers, might be worn legitimately. Assuming that hair is excessively thick or long, headgear won’t fit rightly and could meddle with the administration part’s wellbeing and execution.

Consistency and Pride

As expressed in the U.s. Army regulations relating to preparing , “a perfect and generally prepped presence by all fighters is basic to the Army and helps constructing the pride and esprit crucial to a powerful military constrain.” An expert manifestation and uniform picture ventures the order and quality of the U.s. military.


Administration parts may be excluded from regulations in regards to hairstyle if hair misfortune or uncovered spots are an aftereffect of a makeshift medicinal condition. Hence, the influenced administration part will be authorised to the wear a dark and tan top that is endorsed by the American Cancer Society. Wigs are authorised for wear throughout times of inert obligation just and must conform to the preparing regulations for regular hair.

The Survival Techniques That Can Save Your Life

bushcraftAs a soldier, we need to be prepared for any difficult situations. Granted, most extreme survival situation probably won’t happen to most people, but for those who are interested in experiencing wild survival, I recommend you check out bushcraft activities. Bushcraft implies numerous diverse things to different sorts of persons, to some it implies wild outdoors in some distant area, living off the area utilizing just things found as a part of the wild. To others it is basically having the ability to light a blaze utilizing just a flame steel. The sources of bushcraft are presumably lost in the fogs of time, native people groups in the outback of Australia were ready to get by in that dangerous environment since they had a personal information of the untamed life, vegetation and territory. This information empowered them to discover water where there was clearly none, and nourishment were no creature life or vegetation seemed to exist. In short encounter and society law had let them know that they could live in an amazing environment whose danger to human life was second to none.

To live we need water, sustenance, haven and warmth. These days water might be turned from saline to consumable in various ways, channels and purifiers are accessible to the outdoorsman yet first he ought to catch the water or harvest it from his surroundings. This is less demanding if there is a stream, lake, stream, rivulet, puddle, water course, water source accessible to him and he has a few method of holding the water. Wreckage tins, a canvas, his hatf, the holder for his survival pack or a plastic sack that was such a fundamental a piece of the survival supplies. Water from precipitation or nature’s turf can additionally be acquired and treated by the survivalist. Utilizing a canvas as a sun powered still is restricted of doing this significant work, it essentially has dampness consolidating on it in little droplets and dependant on the relative stickiness of the region the measure got might be sufficient to manage life.

Having got and held water the bushcraft master or learner apparently equivalent necessities to guarantee that it is consumable before drinking or cooking with it. Consumable implies that the water won’t hold any pathogens that could cause sickness or in amazing cases even demise. The easiest approach to evacuate the nasties from water is by filtration, the Millbank Bag is the old Ministry of Defence favourite, this straightforward filtration mechanism could be made of a fine work sock or pair of tights or even leggings, and filling them with sphagnum greenery from the convenient adjacent peat lowland. Channels could be economically purchased by the bushcraft devotee and are a much more secure method for handling drinking or cooking water.

In spite of the fact that what bushcraft is does vary as per your view, one thing is beyond any doubt – having the right apparatuses and supplies is basic in figuring out if you will be great when outdoors or trekking in surviving the outside.
photo credit: jjay69 via photopin cc

Tips on How to Choose a Hunting Knife

hunting knifeIf you know nothing about hunting knives, buying one can be a big challenge. With the numerous types of hunting knives in the market, you need to have enough knowledge on how to choose a hunting knife that perfectly suits your requirements. I’ve also found this site ( has some pretty useful information about knife selections.

blade_typeTypes of knives

Hunting knives can be categorized into folding knives and fixed blade. For example, if you want to carry the knife in your pocket, you cannot put a fixed blade knife in your pocket unless you want to slice your leg open. Instead, you might decide to purchase a folding knife.

Blade design

This is another great consideration as you choose a hunting knife. You can choose a drop point knife, skinning knives or clip point. Therefore, depending on your hunting needs you may need multiple hunting knives.

Sharpness of the blade

Material used in the blade determines the extent of its sharpness. A hunting knife with a perfect blade sharpness should be tough, resistant to wear and corrosion, and should show a high edge retention.

Size of the animal to be hunted

If you want to hunt a big animal, then you need to choose a strong and durable knife with a thick and stainless blade. A drop point knife can be the best option here; because it has a curved blade that aids in skinning the animal with the entire edge of the blade; you will be able to skin it faster with less damage to the meat.

Hunting and General tasks

If you are hunter but not so enthusiastic about hunting, you should choose a knife that would cater for hunting tasks as well as other general tasks such as chopping and cutting. Here, you can choose to purchase a clip blade. This is because it comes with a flatter blade and is quit versatile.

Hunting Knife handles

In most cases, people tend to ignore knife handles when choosing hunting knives. Having a good grip on your knife while hunting is important, you should not choose hunting knife that is uncomfortable on your hands. The last thing you would wish for is your knife sliding out of your hands when hunting. Always make sure that the handle is perfect for your hands.

Having a reliable hunting knife is the key to successful hunting. It does not matter whether you are a big game hunter, fisherman, or a waterfowl hunter; you need a perfect hunting knife. By understanding various blade types and knives you can now choose the best that fits your use level. There is more to a knife than its price depending on your needs. Careful selection is a fundamental element that will make your hunting knife an important addition to your hunting endeavors. Follow the above tips on how to choose a hunting knife and become a hunting guru!